Before the spread of COVID-19, co-creation used to take place where many people gather, such as in a conference room, and through lively discussions. However, since the spread of COVID-19, it is no longer possible for a large number of people to gather and work closely, for example, jointly write on a whiteboard or poster. The co-creation project investigatd workshop methods to faciliatae co-creation in online settings, and compiled our experience as a form of videos and booklets. We hope that you will find them useful. We welcome any comments if you would like us to develop further materials.

Basic guide to Miro in online workshops (video)

This animated video explains how to use “Miro”, an online whiteboard tool, in workshops, seminars, or interactive lectures. If you are a participant in an online workshop or interactive sessions, we suggest watching the video before your session to familiarise yourself with the tools, so that you can concentrate on thinking and discussing during the session. If you are a facilitator or organisor of an online event using Miro, please refer the video to your participants so that you can save time explaining about the tool.



Basic guide to Miro for participants in online workshops

For those who participate in workshops using online whiteboards, this guidebook explains how to use the tools in Miro, focusing on some of the key functions used in workshops. This can also be used as an accompanying guide to the above video.


※ Click on the image to download the PDF file.