Here are some of the activities that the members of the Co-creation project do. They include publishing articles, books, and online resources, teaching at universities and training courses, and presenting at international and academic conferences. Through our activities, we hope to facilitate effective application of the concepts of co-creation and transdisciplinarity into the practice.

Education and training


  • Lectures at various universities in Japan and Korea (e.g. Doshisha University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Gifu University and Kyonggi University).

Educational materials (videos)

Information for environmental issues

Climate change
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Biodiversity/ecological conservation
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Publication (articles, books, reports, booklets etc.)

International and national conferences and academic meetings (presentations, lectures, etc.)

  • Yuko Onishi, 2022, Reviewing transdisciplinarity and knowledge co-creation concepts in Japan and abroad, Japan Geoscience Union Meeting, May 2022, Invited talk.
  • Yuko Onishi, 2022, Transdisciplinarity and co-creation concepts in Japan, Sustainability and Research Innovation Congress, Jun. 2022, Pretoria, session convener.
  • Bonjun Koo; Rob Kuipers; Yuko Onishi, 2022, Tackling Societal Challenges through Transdisciplinary Research, Apr. 2022, Field-based Approach to Reinforce Community Resilience: Lessons from COVID-19 and Large-Scale Disasters, Korea.
  • Bonjun Koo and Yuko Onishi, Co-creation Approaches and Its Challenges to Coping with the Climate Crisis, 2022 Asian Conference on Crisisonomy, July 2022.