Launch of English website

Today, we have launched Tomosiru in English. Tomosiru is an online platform to learn about knowledge co-creation and transdisciplinary research (TDR). The website introduces various resources useful for practicing co-creation, such as a glossary of key concepts, tools and methods, tips, and case studies from around the world. 

It is created by the Co-creation project of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) in Kyoto, Japan. The co-creation project aims to identify tips and methods for knowledge co-creation between researchers and non-academic stakeholders, such as communities and governments, to support the transition towards a sustainable society. To do so, the project is synthesising the experiences and lessons learned from various TDR projects at RIHN as well as conducting a large review of global TDR case studies.

In recent years, usage of co-creation and TDR approaches has been increasing. Along with this, usage of the term as well as practice have diversified. For early-career researchers interested in TDR it might be difficult to know where to start, especially in Japan where information available in Japanese is still limited. Therefore, we decided to launch this platform as a place where professionals and non-professionals alike can learn about co-creation and share their knowledge and experiences.

Our project would like to actively connect with researchers and collaborators working on stakeholder engagement in research to expand this platform. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or would you like to contribute any resources (tools, methods, stories, tips, etc.). For our Japanese platform, we are also working with projects to make existing resources available in Japanese.