Invitation to a session on the value of Knowledge Creation at JpGU2024

I would like to invite you to join a session on the value of Knowledge Creation at JpGU2024 (Japan Geoscience Union Meeting, ).
This session will be in English and jointly held with AGU (American Geophysical Union).

Session Title:
What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? Science and Society, Collaboration and Evaluation (U-08)

Date and Time:
Oral Session (Invited Only): PM1 (13:45-15:15 JST) Wed, 29 May On-site Poster Core-time: PM3 (15:30-17:00, JST) Wed, 29 May

Submission Deadline (for poster presentation):
February 15th, 17:00

Michiyo Shimamura (Nagoya University), Yuko Onishi (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature), Kiyoshi Suyehiro (JpGU), Mark Mocettini Shimamoto (AGU)

There is a wide range of research, however, the expectations for “research that meets the needs of society” have been rising. In JpGU2022, conveners conducted a post-session questionnaire survey and got the following results: a) connecting science and society (CSS) is necessary, b) researchers are the main actors of CSS, but c) the lack of time and costs to do CSS, and the proper evaluation on scientific achievements are the issues. Conveners discussed these issues at JpGU2023, and the questionnaire survey conducted again. The results prevailed that 1) science communicators, universities and research institutes, and elementary, middle and high schools are the main stakeholders, 2) establishment of financial support and organization dedicated to CSS activities, and 3) clarification of evaluation (indexing and quantification) of CSS activities will help to resolve issues. In this session, we will discuss the ideal state of CSS, consider the direction of building a collaborative frame with stakeholders, and evaluating the scientific performance of activities, based on overseas case reports and a panel discussion.

Invited Speakers:
Dr. Kazuhiro HAYASHI (Director, Research Unit for Data Application, NISTEP) Dr. Natasha UDU-GAMA (Director of Thriving Earth Exchange, AGU)

Joint with AGU