Talk on TD at JpGU2022

Project leader, Yuko Onishi will be giving an invited talk at Japan Geoscience Union Meeting (JpGU) 2022. If you are at the meeting and interested in transdisciplinarity or knowledge integration, please come and join us.  

[U-04] What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? The role-sharing between us and Funding Agencies. 

Thu. May 26, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM  

105 (International Conference Hall, Makuhari Messe) 

Conveners: Michiyo Shimamura (Kyoto University), Kiyoshi Suyehiro(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), Brooks Hanson(American Geophysical Union), 


There is a wide range of research, from “research that meets the needs of society” to “research that meets the intellectual curiosity of humankind,” but in recent years, expectations for “research that meets the needs of society” such as copying global warming and/or mitigating geo-hazards have been rising. How should the research community and funding agencies (FAs) strike a balance between “research that satisfies the intellectual curiosity of humanity” and “research that satisfies the trust of society”, and which need not be mutually exclusive and what kinds of accountability do they need to fulfill? 

In this session, we would like to provide an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the Earth and planetary science community to think about “the connection” between ideal sciences, our own community, and society. We also want researchers to think about their own research activities and to create a better relationship between the scientific community, society, and FAs. To this end, the session will consist of discussions by panelists based on surveys of FAs, reports of overseas case studies, and questionnaires. 

[U04-02] Reviewing transdisciplinarity and knowledge co-creation concepts in Japan and abroad 

★Invited Papers 

*Yuko Onishi1 (1.Research Institute for Humanity and Nature) 

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