How can science better contribute to society? Please tell us your views

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The conveners of the JpGU (Japan Geoscience Union) session “Value of knowledge creation” (Michiyo Shimamura, Yuko Onishi, Brooks Hanson and Raj Pandya) are currently carrying out a survey to the researchers about their views on science-society interactions, with an aim to discuss and advance scienticic contributions to the society.

Please give us 10 minutes of your time!

We would appreciate your cooperation in filling out this questionnaire.

Survey details:

We conducted a survey to the JpGUcommunity in 2022. Based on the results, now we have started another questionnaire survey.

In our previous session at JpGU 2022, U-04, a questionnaire survey was conducted after the session to find out what exactly the members of the JpGU community consider to be “responding to society’s mandate” and what kind of activities they are actually engaged in to “respond to society’s mandate”.

As a result, the following responses were obtained:

(1) more than 90% of the survey respondents answered that “connecting science and society” is necessary, (2) researchers are the main actors connecting science and society, but (3) the lack of resources (time and costs) to “connect science and society” and proper evaluation on scientific achievements are the issues.

The purpose of this survey is to find out how JpGU community members, together with their stakeholders, are aware of the need to build a more effective framework for “connecting science and society” and how to connect these activities to the evaluation of scientific performance.

The above and other results from the previous survey will be presented in the JpGU 2023 Session U-07 “What is the true value of knowledge creation? Our perceptions of science and society”, on the 26th May 2023. We will be having a panel discussion based on the results.

For the present survey, we considering about sharing the results with those who cooperated with us at a later date.

We would also like to use the results for further discussions in another meeting, or possibly in an academic paper.

Closing date of this survey: Friday, June 2, 2023

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