Change of account names

October flower - Cosmos

As of October 2023, we have changed the account names for X, Facebook, and Instagram, and YouTube.

The names are now appearing as follows:

環境トモシル (Tomoshiru) Co-creation for Sustainability

instead of the previous:

地球研 知の共創プロジェクト / RIHN Co-creation project

The change was made following the changes in the institutional arrangements by RIHN about the status of the project.

In March 2023, we finished our three years of “Full Research” phase of the project and moved to another three years of the “Completed Research” phase which was dedicated for the dissemination of outputs. However, RIHN has recently decided to change the status from “Completed Research” to “Completed Project”.

Since “Completed Project” has been used at RIHN to refer to the projects that have terminated their activities, it is no longer logical to disseminate information through SNS or YouTube using the name “Co-creation project”.

This website, “Tomoshiru (Co-creation for Sustainability)” serves as a platform for information exchange for knowledge co-creation, transdisciplinarity and the efforts alike by people with diverse backgrounds, for making sustainable futures.

From now on, the SNS accounts and the YouTube channel of “Tomoshiru” will be focusing on information relevant and useful for the community interested on co-creation for sustainability, rather than the outputs from the RIHN Co-creation project.

Should you have any concerns or requests, please let us know through the contact page (from the botton at the top of this page).

(Tomoshiru and Tomoshiru’s SNS and YouTube channels are currently managed by the RIHN International Engagemet Unit.)