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Basic guide to Miro for online workshops

We just released a video explaining how to use Miro for online workshops. The guide is intended for participants in online workshops, seminars, or lectures using Miro for collaborative works. We selected minimal tools that you need to know when you use the Miro board.

We hope that you will find the video useful.

Basic guide to Miro for online workshops by co-creation project


00:00 Start
00:34 Let’s imagine an actual workshop
00:52 How to register an account in Miro
01:15 How to attend a workshop
01:40 How to use a Miro board
03:01 The most commonly used tools
03:11 To enter text
03:32 To use a sticky note
04:08 To draw or add shapes
04:32 The Smart Drawing feature
04:53 To change the order of the objects
05:05 To add an image
05:24 To draw lines and arrows
05:57 How to move between frames
06:48 Using tools in a workshop

There is an accompanying guide (“Basic guide to Miro for participants in online workshops (Onishi and Kaipers, 2022”) for this video, which can be downloaded from the webpage below: