10 NICS 2022 is out

This year’s 10 NICS (New Insights in Climate Science 2022) was announced yesterday at COP27 in Cairo, Egypt.

10 NICS is a summary of the most pressing scientific findings in climate change related research, and published each year during COP. The report is compiled by Future Earth, Earth League, and WCRP, three of the major scientific communities in climate and environmental research.

This year’s 10 NICS are the followings:

1. Questioning the myth of endless adaptation
2. Vulnerability hotspots cluster in ‘regions at risk’
3. New threats on the horizon from climate–health interactions
4. Climate mobility – from evidence to anticipatory action
5. Human security requires climate security
6. Sustainable land use is essential to meeting climate targets
7. Private sustainable finance practices are failing to catalyse deep transitions
8. Loss and Damage – the urgent planetary imperative
9. Inclusive decision-making for climate-resilient development
10. Breaking down structural barriers and unsustainable lock-ins 

Details are found in the following website:

10 New Insights in Climate Science: a year of climate-related science in review

You can also find 10 NICS in the following video.

The full report is available from the link below: